Five-Figure Settlement For Bank Account Closure

Our Iranian client received a five-figure settlement from RBS when the bank closed his account for Iran-related transactions.

Outcome: £31,200 recovery

What Happened: Our client came to the UK as a student. He studied at the North Cestrian College and later switched his visa status to refugee. Upon his arrival in the UK in 2008, our client opened a bank account at RBS. He maintained this account without any issues until he received a notice of closure in 2015. RBS wrote to our client to advise him that his account would be closed in 60 days. These incidents happened before sanctions on Iran were partially lifted in January 2016.

Damages: Our client was an exemplary customer of the bank for 7 years and suffered emotional injury as a result of the bank’s actions.

What Blackstone Did: We were retained in October 2015 about one week prior to the scheduled closure of the bank account. Immediately, we contacted RBS demanding that our client’s rights are recognised. We proceeded to file a complaint against the bank and pursued it until our client recovered a total of £31,200 from RBS in July 2016.

Outcome: A final settlement of £31,200 to include £15,000 compensation for emotional injury and £16,200 in respect of costs of the claim.

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