Blackstone’s views on Brexit


Blackstone interprets the law.  Each individual has options.  On the 23rd June 2016 in a referendum the UK voted to leave the EU.  Since then chaos has ensued because nobody can interpret the meaning and which currently has no ancillary terms and conditions.  14 months after the vote no progress has been made.  In March 2019 we exit the EU.

Put simplistically everyone pays tax but each individual is free to appoint an accountant to consider options which minimise such tax. The  Blackstone role is analogous. We assist and support our clients to choose the appropriate option which best suits their needs. Never has such advice and support been more needed.

Numerous articles indicate the complexities of any final settlement.  The Blackstone obligation is to advise on the law, to provide options and then help our clients implement their decision.  Politics is not in our ambit.  Blackstone is a law firm that caters for all.

For more information on our Brexit Desk and how we can help you, please email Geoffrey Littman: or call 0161 9290121 to speak to a member of our Brexit team.

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