How to bring inheritance money from Iran to UK


There remains some sanctions between the UK and Iran, but none that would affect 98% of personal transfers.  Clearly if one of the persons in the transfer is on a UK sanctions list then this would pose difficulties, but this is very rare.  However, because the US unilaterally pulled out of the JCPOA Agreement which lifted sanctions with Iran and re-imposed their US sanctions there are now practical issues when transferring funds. In this article, how to bring inheritance money from Iran to UK, we take a look at the process involved.

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There are at least 3 ways to transfer funds from Iran and we have experience with all 3.  Whether using a money exchange company, a straightforward Hawala payment, or best of all a bank to bank transfer.  We can navigate you through the options and advice on the pros and cons for your particular situation.


Although it is lawful to receive funds from Iran some of the systems are not transparent and require proper due diligence prior to transferring funds, because these are some of the issues that can arise if not done correctly:

  • Funds go missing
  • Your UK bank account is frozen
  • Your UK bank account is closed
  • There is an HMRC or police investigation into you.

This can be very stressful and impact upon all parts of your life so it is really important that you take advice before transferring any funds.

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We have a proven track-record of helping clients with differing requirements. We will guide you through all the necessary legal due diligence in a comprehensive and timely manner. We firmly believe that with the right solicitors by your side, the entire process will seem more manageable and far less daunting.

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It is important for you to be well informed about the issues and obstacles you are facing. However, expert legal support is crucial in terms of saving you money and ensuring you achieve a positive outcome.

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