My Path to Blackstone: Laura Nash


Commercial Property Solicitor, Laura Nash shares her path to law and advice for students also pursuing law careers.

I studied LLB Law at the University of Leeds. Leeds is a city I knew well as a child. My Dad grew up in Woodhouse Park, and I have memories of him driving me around the streets showing me his homes and schools whilst recounting tales. Leeds was the natural choice for me; a fantastic red brick University only an hour from my home town of Manchester. It was close enough that I could pop home for the night but far enough away that I didn’t have to!

My second year at Leeds was all about the vacation schemes. Days were spent in the computer clusters drafting applications and frantically checking emails. I was delighted to secure vacation schemes at Eversheds and Hammonds in 2003 and enjoyed them both thoroughly. I chose to train at Eversheds and qualified there in 2007 after a successful training contract, being offered jobs in 3 departments (in a recession), and coming first in the national trainee cohort at Eversheds in the Finance and Business Skills module.

When I arrived in Leeds, the phrase ‘rabbit in the headlights’ springs to mind! It took me a few weeks to settle into the big independent life I was now in charge of, harness that, and make the most of it. The most enjoyable part was living in Oxley halls with great people from all across the country, who I had never met before. We had a lot of fun!

Outside of lectures and seminars, I was a very independent student. I got on with it all in my own way and in my own time, but it was important to know that if I ever needed support I had a dedicated mentor that I could go to.

I now practise at Blackstone Solicitors. At Blackstone, we are proud to act for an array of amazing clients, advising on high profile work.

My top tips for students embarking on a career in law

Persistence. You may only get one call back out of 10 applications. Don’t lose heart, but be focused. Experience. Cast your net widely and take on any work experience you can. This will only help you determine what area of law is right for you.

Read Laura’s full Alumni Article published by University of Leeds.

Laura Nash is a Solicitor within our Commercial Property Team which provides experienced and practical advice in relation to all Commercial Property services including:

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