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In recent years, China has witnessed a great deal of volatility in overseas property markets. In a country with a population of 1.3 billion, its GDP has shown steady levels of growth and the potential for Chinese investment in foreign markets is substantial.

Chinese investors are buying overseas for a number of reasons. These can include providing accommodation for their children whilst studying abroad, investment in certain countries to obtain immigration status and also investing for lifestyle reasons.

Coupled with the depreciation and instability of the Yuan and the local economy, house prices in Chinese cities are rapidly rising in value. Consequently, investing overseas is looking increasingly attractive to wealthy Chinese. In this article, selling property to Chinese investors, we take a look at the mechanism involved.

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Think about how to appeal to the Chinese market

China’s commercial and online environment is unique and is often referred to as the “Great China Firewall” in reference to the difficulty in reaching consumers online. It is crucial to understand the workings of the prevailing online environment. For example, Baidu is the dominant search engine, not Google. Equally, WeChat is the social media platform of choice as opposed to Facebook. China news sources such as Sohu and Fung Fung are the places where investors can browse information.

It is worthwhile employing effective search engine optimisation professionals to ensure you are on the first page of Baidu, much the same way you would be looking to appear near the top of a Google search.

If you are not active and have not yet developed a Chinese content, you will not be visible in Mandarin character keyword search. Also, although you may have an established website in the UK, it will be unlikely that it will be visible in China.

Therefore, building a good Chinese website is very important, so that potential investors can understand your company’s situation and the type of property you provide. Further, writing written content about your property that can be accessed from various Chinese platforms is also recommended to help establish your visibility and credibility. These should include backlinks to your website to increase website traffic and your rankings in search results.

Keep in mind that some overseas investors may not have the chance to see the property they are investing in. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a wide range of asset profiles with very concise details, so investors can better understand what they are getting. An additional feature may be to include a video.

Also, almost every website in China is accessible via QR code, so include your QR code on your WeChat account thus bringing potential investors from your WeChat account to your site.

How we can help

We have a proven track-record of dealing with and advising upon commercial and residential property purchases for Chinese nationals. We will guide you through the process and ensure all checks are carried out swiftly and efficiently and we firmly believe that with the right solicitors by your side, the entire process will seem more manageable and far less daunting.

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It is important for you to be well informed about the issues and obstacles you are facing. However, expert legal support is crucial in terms of ensuring your investments are carried out carefully.

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