Where there’s no Will is there a way?


Where there’s no Will is there a way?

If you do not make a Will how your estate (money and other assets) is dealt with when you die is prescribed by law under the Intestacy Rules.  If you want to make sure that your estate goes to your chosen beneficiary/beneficiaries it is essential that you make a Will.

Under the Intestacy Rules if you die without a Will and you are married with children, the first £270,000.00 of your estate plus half of any amount over that, passes to your spouse.  The balance of the estate is divided between your children.  This may not make sufficient provision for your spouse.

If you are not married and even if you are living together but have children all your estate will pass to your children. Given the increasing number of couples who live together without being married, you can see the importance of making a Will.

In the situation where an unmarried partner dies without a Will, the surviving partner can, in certain circumstances, make a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act for a share of the estate.  It is best to avoid the possibility of having to make such a claim by making a Will.  Otherwise pursuing an interest in your late partner’s estate may well involve a claim against your own child/children.

Here at Blackstone, we have the expertise to draw up a Will to reflect your wishes and intended beneficiaries.  If, however, you find yourself in the position of having to consider an Inheritance Act claim we also have the family law and litigation experience to assist you.

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