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China Desk – Legal Services for UK Based And International Chinese Clients

Blackstone Solicitors provides a wide range of expert legal services specifically to Chinese clients living in the UK and China, British citizens with Chinese backgrounds and companies wishing to do business with China.

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We are a multi award-winning firm and have achieved both national and international recognition with a truly global client base.

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Our services

We can assist Chinese nationals and those with a Chinese background in relation to the following issues:

About our China Desk

As our increasingly offshore client base is rapidly expanding, trade and investment involving our Chinese clients is growing. Borne from this was the need to cater specifically to these clients with a deep understanding of trade systems, prevailing government policy and cultural sensitivities and on the back of this all the associated legal services our clients were requesting.

As a national UK law firm, we can also work in tandem with Chinese law firms and their clients. From the initial acquisition or formation of a company through to the ongoing legal issues that can face a company or individual operating in the UK, we can provide legal support throughout the entire process. We understand the needs of Chinese firms and individuals trading and investing in the U.K.

This approach is in line with our history of robustly representing our clients, and thinking outside the box. We are confident we can help you take advantage of this new era of international trade between China and the UK, whilst also protecting you from any potential legal and commercial complications.

Our approach

Our clients will be able to speak with our solicitors who are fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin, and the work will then be carried out by the most appropriate specialist lawyer at our firm.

The way our China Desk operates is in a similar vein to how Blackstone Solicitors functions as a whole; we place the client first and will act tenaciously to ensure our clients have the very best chance of securing the outcome they are after.

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For more information about our China Desk and how we can assist you, contact us today. Simply call us on 020 3019 8884 or 0161 929 0121. Or, simply complete our online enquiry form and we will call you back. Blackstone has offices in Cheshire and London and serves people throughout the UK – including Manchester and Chester – as well as much further afield, as evidenced by our China desk.

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The award winning team is well known for their tenacious approach to their client's cases. Our highly regarded team is passionate about your success. All team members are incredibly academic and continuously strive for more.