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Recovering rent from tenants is not always simple and straightforward. Sometimes, landlords are required to seek legal advice and representation to help get hold of the money owed to them. The team at Blackstone Solicitors is highly experienced in cases such as these, and our tenacious and no-nonsense approach means we are the ideal choice for helping you get what you are owed.

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Recovering rent

Failure to keep up with rent payments is not uncommon, and is something all landlords are wary of when dealing with tenants. In many cases, landlords will look to reduce the risk of this happening through various means, including:

  • Taking larger deposits
  • Making sure the tenant has quality and reliable references
  • Having the lease reviewed by a legal team to make sure all provisions are covered

However, the threat of a tenant falling behind with payments is a constant one, and it is therefore essential landlords are able to recover any money they have lost through the fault of their tenants.

Residential property

Our rent recovery service collects outstanding rent from tenants. We are very successful in finding tenants who have moved premises and are now living at a new address. We are regularly instructed to repossess property on behalf of landlords due to tenants being unable, or not wanting, to pay the agreed rent.

If a previous tenant has left your property owing you rent within the last five years, and you are confident that he or she has the ability to pay, we can help you make a rent claim against them.


Blackstone Solicitors has a wealth of experience of advising clients of the most effective route to successful rent claims, including levying distress, winding up petitions and recovery from personal guarantors. We also advise on forfeiture and on possession proceedings.

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At Blackstone, we take great pride in the determined and direct way we go about our business. We are therefore the perfect choice for pursuing your rent recovery claim, as we never take no for an answer if we feel there is a chance of securing the right outcome.

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