Equine Veterinary Disputes

Blackstone Solicitors provides comprehensive legal advice on matters relating to equine veterinary disputes.

Several situations can lead to disputes between horse owners and veterinarians. Here are some of the most frequent scenarios:

  • Misdiagnosis or Missed Diagnosis: This occurs when a veterinarian fails to correctly diagnose a horse’s illness or injury, potentially delaying appropriate treatment and causing further health problems.
  • Improper Treatment: Allegations of improper treatment can involve concerns about the use of incorrect medications, inappropriate surgical procedures, or inadequate post-operative care.
  • Veterinary Negligence: This broader term encompasses any situation where a veterinarian’s actions or omissions fall below the expected standard of care, resulting in harm to the horse. Examples might include failing to perform necessary diagnostic tests, administering incorrect dosages of medication, or causing injury during a procedure.
  • Informed Consent: Veterinarians have a duty to obtain informed consent from the horse owner before performing any treatment procedures. Disputes can arise if the owner alleges they were not adequately informed about the risks and benefits of a proposed treatment plan.
  • Veterinary Bills: Disagreements over excessive veterinary charges or unexpected costs associated with treatment can lead to disputes.

We can provide all of the expert legal assistance you need and have considerable experience in this area of law and can advise you throughout the process.

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Our Approach

We place huge emphasis on getting things done properly and efficiently. This is especially true when providing legal advice on veterinary disputes.

Equine law is a specialised area of law that encompasses a wide range of legal issues relating to horses. It applies to all aspects of horse ownership, breeding, competition, and the equine industry as a whole. At Blackstone Solicitors, our team understands the unique challenges faced by horse owners, breeders, riders, and equine professionals across England and Wales.

“I was really pleased with the support that Blackstone offered, particularly given that they were brought in to pick up a purchase that was half way through the process and given that there were a number of difficulties with the seller/ developer that Blackstone had to solve for me”


Why Legal Help is Important

If a disagreement with your veterinarian cannot be resolved through open communication, several avenues for dispute resolution are available:

  • Internal Complaint Procedures: Most veterinary practices have internal complaint procedures. Following these procedures allows the practice to investigate the matter and attempt to reach a resolution.
  • The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS): The RCVS offers a complaints procedure for investigating allegations of veterinary negligence or misconduct.
  • Mediation: Mediation involves a neutral third party facilitating communication and negotiation between you and the veterinarian to reach a mutually agreeable solution.
  • Litigation: If other avenues fail, litigation may be a last resort. This can be a complex and expensive process, so seeking legal advice from a specialist equine law solicitor is crucial.

While a handshake agreement might have sufficed in the past, the equine industry today demands a more formalised approach. Equine law is a specialised area that deals with a wide range of legal issues specific to horses. At Blackstone Solicitors, our team in England and Wales understands the unique challenges faced by horse owners, breeders, riders, and equine professionals.

At Blackstone, we can help to give you the very best chance of achieving the outcome you are looking for. Equine law can often be complex, and it is therefore imperative that you seek expert legal help to ensure any contract you sign, is suitable and correct.

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We provide various services for horse owners and those involved in the equine industry including advising on commercial agreements and making sure everything is completed thoroughly and without error and is in your best interests.

We can also advise on the following areas:

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