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Disputes between shareholders can be difficult and highly complex, but the team at Blackstone Solicitors is here to provide the expert guidance you need to help settle such disputes as quickly and amicably as possible. Fallouts of this type can prove very disruptive to the running of a business, and so resolving all issues efficiently is a must.

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Issues between shareholders

The term shareholder disputes covers a wide range of issues that can arise between shareholders, often in situations where the shareholders, or some of them, are also directors. Disagreements at this level also commonly emerge in situations relating to strategic and control issues between majority and minority shareholders. Such disputes are often complicated and costly, and any such dispute will likely damage the company in its day-to-day dealings.

Disputes between shareholders can sometimes be avoided if there are clearly drafted and agreed articles of association and a shareholders agreement in place. However, where a dispute does arise, we will advise on the most cost effective route and look to settle matters amicably to protect the on-going business.

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Common shareholder disputes

Fallouts between shareholders can take many forms, but some of the more common type of disputes include:

  • All or some of the shareholders are of the opinion that the directors are breaching their duties
  • Certain dividend policies appear to favour some shareholders over others
  • Minority shareholders believe they are being unfairly prejudiced by controlling or majority shareholders
  • Some shareholders do not feel they are being kept informed or fully informed about the company’s finances
  • Shareholders are not being informed about or included in meetings
  • Existing shareholder agreements or articles of association have been breached
  • Main shareholders are perceived to be treating the company as theirs exclusively, including drawing dividends or salary only for them
  • General conflicts of interest
  • Shareholders are concerned that another member is diverting business

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