Landlord Possession Claims Orders

Landlords can claim for possession of their property if their tenant has failed to pay rent by a due date, or if arrears have already accrued. Whether the possession claim is in respect of a residential or commercial property, the team at Blackstone Solicitors is here to help by dealing with the particulars of the claim and by making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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Because there are marked differences in the procedure for possession claims of residential and commercial property, it is essential that landlords seek expert legal help prior to proceeding with re-entry into the property. There are various notices that must be served to the tenant and certain timescales to which landlords must adhere – we can help you in all instances.

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Residential property

This is a highly technical area of law, and it is imperative all processes are carried out correctly and without error. For instance, a technical mistake can result in possession claims being struck out by the court. This may result in the entire process being required to start all over again – something that can take months to sort, and during this time you may suffer further loss of rental income.

Technical errors can be made with regard to various processes and documents, including:

  • Timing of registering a deposit
  • Information to tenants regarding the deposit
  • Notices
  • Procedures
  • Paperwork

Additionally, this area of law can sometimes slant in favour of the tenant, which makes it even more important for landlords to have the best team in their corner. If carried out by experts, such as the team at Blackstone Solicitors, you can recover your property – with the tenant removed – very quickly, and in some (admittedly rare) instances, recover double the rent arrears from the tenant. Although this does not happen too often, it is an example of how the Blackstone team pushes the boundaries for our clients.

Commercial property

Possession claims on commercial premises can often be carried out without notice of the intent to repossess. However, it is vital that this is performed correctly, as it could come back to haunt you if not. On other occasions, you may not want to have the premises empty, especially if you believe it will be difficult to find a new tenant. In such circumstances, the Blackstone team will negotiate and put reliable payment plans in place with the tenant.

Our team can provide all of the right guidance to make sure every detail is correct and all processes properly followed. We can also advise tenants of commercial premises regarding their rights of occupation.

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