Horse Ownership Agreements

Blackstone Solicitors provides comprehensive legal advice on matters relating to horse ownership agreements.

There are several ways to structure horse ownership through agreements, each with its own advantages and drawbacks:

  • Joint Tenancy: This arrangement grants equal ownership rights to all parties involved. Each joint tenant has the right to use the horse and is equally responsible for its care and expenses. However, if one joint tenant wishes to sell their share, the other(s) have no right of first refusal and the horse may be sold to a third party.
  • Tenancy in Common: Similar to joint tenancy, ownership is shared amongst multiple parties. However, unlike joint tenancy, ownership percentages can be specified in the agreement. This allows for a more proportionate distribution of costs and benefits based on each party’s investment. Tenants in common also have the right to sell their share without the consent of other owners, but they must first offer it to the remaining co-owners.
  • Syndicate Ownership: This involves a larger group of individuals sharing ownership of a horse, typically for breeding or competition purposes. Syndicate agreements are more complex and often involve establishing a formal syndicate structure with designated roles and responsibilities for each member.

We can provide all of the expert legal assistance you need and have considerable experience in this area of law and can advise you throughout the process.
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Our Approach

We place huge emphasis on getting things done properly and efficiently. This is especially true when providing legal advice concerning horse ownership agreements.

Equine law is a specialised area of law that encompasses a wide range of legal issues relating to horses. It applies to all aspects of horse ownership, breeding, competition, and the equine industry as a whole.

At Blackstone Solicitors, our team understands the unique challenges faced by horse owners, breeders, riders, and equine professionals across England and Wales.

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Why Legal Help is Important

While standard horse ownership agreement templates can be found online, seeking legal advice from a solicitor specialising in equine law offers significant advantages:

  • Tailored Agreements: Our solicitors can draft an agreement specific to your unique circumstances, addressing the number of co-owners, their individual contributions, and the intended use of the horse.
  • Risk Mitigation: We can help you identify potential risks associated with shared ownership and ensure the agreement includes clauses that protect your interests. This may involve addressing potential deadlocks in decision-making, financial disputes, or unforeseen circumstances regarding the horse’s health or performance.

While a handshake agreement might have sufficed in the past, the equine industry today demands a more formalised approach. Equine law is a specialised area that deals with a wide range of legal issues specific to horses. At Blackstone Solicitors, our team in England and Wales understands the unique challenges faced by horse owners, breeders, riders, and equine professionals.

At Blackstone, we can help to give you the very best chance of achieving the outcome you are looking for. Equine law can often be complex, and it is therefore imperative that you seek expert legal help to ensure any contract you sign, is suitable and correct.

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We provide various services for horse owners and those involved in the equine industry including advising on commercial agreements and making sure everything is completed thoroughly and without error and is in your best interests.

We can also advise on the following areas:

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