Breach of Restrictive Covenant

The number of disputes concerning restrictive covenants is seemingly on the increase, with many developers eager to better understand their rights. Queries are also being raised in order to challenge possible limitations of rights. If you believe you have breached a restrictive covenant, you will likely require legal assistance, especially given the complexity of this area of law.

Also, if you wish to develop land and you are not sure if you can because of a restrictive covenant, you will need advice on whether it can be removed.

The expert team at Blackstone Solicitors is highly experienced in dealing with all manner of cases relating to restrictive covenants and potential breaches thereof. If this is an area you would like to know more about, simply get in touch with us today. Call us on 0345 901 0445or allow us to contact you by completing our online enquiry form.

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What are restrictive covenants?

Restrictive covenants are provisions in deeds that serve to limit the use of a property, or restrict what can be done with that property. This can relate to you or your neighbour; for instance, if the way they are using their property affects you.

You will therefore need to know how a restrictive covenant applies to you, with an early assessment made and action taken to ensure you know your rights. With an experienced legal team, the stress of the process can be removed much more easily.

If you breach a restrictive covenant

You will likely need to employ the services of a solicitor if you think you may have breached a restrictive covenant. By turning to expert legal help, there is a chance it may be proven that a covenant is not enforceable. This may be the case if:

  • The restrictive covenants within the deeds or legal title of a property have been drawn up incorrectly
  • It can be proven that the procedures have not been followed correctly
  • The restrictive covenant is no longer of benefit to the adjoining land

At Blackstone Solicitors, we are highly experienced in investigating such matters and arriving at the result our clients are searching for. Our academic team is passionate about every case we take on, and we do all we can when investigating to make sure all of the correct procedures have been adhered to, and we will not leave a stone unturned as we trawl through all evidence to help us arrive at the desired conclusion.

We not only help people in the Manchester, Cheshire, Chester and London areas, but also those throughout the UK and abroad.

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