Commercial Lease Disputes

Lease disputes can relate to any issue you have with your landlord or tenant. As such, a dispute can arise for any number of reasons, and it is therefore crucial you have access to expert legal help so you can deal with any problem you come across. At Blackstone Solicitors, we pride ourselves on being able to take on disputes of all kinds, and our vast experience means we are well versed in getting the right results for our clients.

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Different forms of lease dispute

Disputes of this type can take many different forms, and so it is important you work with a law firm well equipped to deal with every scenario. Different instances of lease dispute include:

  • The wording of a particular clause in a lease being interpreted in more than one way
  • The landlord not accepting that a lease to the tenant exists
  • A party to the lease trying to exercise a break clause or an optional agreement
  • Disagreements regarding the extent of the demise
  • The lease document not containing the agreed heads of terms

Breach of lease

Breach of lease arises when a party does not carry out its obligations pursuant to a lease. In certain circumstances, it may be that a landlord has not carried out necessary external repairs, and this can have a detrimental impact on the tenant’s business.

It may also be that a tenant is not complying with their repairing obligations, or is permitting an unlawful use of the premises. Failure to pay rent is the most common form of breach of lease, but there are various other ways in which a tenant might find themselves accused of such. This will often be dependent on the terms detailed in the lease. However, there is equal risk that a landlord can be found in breach of their obligations.

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