Dilapidation Claims

Dilapidations represent one of the most common causes of dispute between landlords and tenants. From a legal perspective, fall outs of this type can be complex, and so strong and effective legal representation is essential. There are various procedures in place for this area of law, and so it is also important both landlords and tenants are in compliance with these.

The team at Blackstone can provide all of the guidance you need to ensure you are doing everything correctly as you progress with your claim. Dilapidation disputes can concern many different buildings, from single, small shops to large warehouse complexes – and we can help with them all.

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Financial impact

Dilapidation claims can have significant financial implications for both tenant and landlord. However, this can be limited with the right legal backing from experts providing the best legal advice every step of the way.

A claim of this type will usually begin after a landlord has served a written schedule of dilapidations on a tenant, in which they claim for the cost of completing specific works. These may include:

  • Property repairs
  • Decoration work
  • Essential maintenance
  • Loss of rent during repair works

Serving a dilapidation schedule

Most commercial leases require the tenant to keep the property in good repair. A landlord can serve a Schedule of Dilapidations upon a tenant requiring them to make repairs to the property or, alternatively, to pay damages to the landlord.

Expert evidence from a surveyor, and often a valuation report, can be vital in dilapidation cases. Over time, we have developed close links with surveyors, whom we can recommend if necessary.

Our advice is based on the practicalities and commerciality of the dilapidation claim. We are highly experienced in both negotiating settlements and liaising between experts – something very often needed in dilapidation claims.

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