If you are entering into a business partnership, the expert team at Blackstone Solicitors can provide all of the legal advice and support you need. We will ensure any agreement best reflects your needs and helps to meet your objectives.

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Our Approach

We know that when people enter into a business partnership they want to get things done properly. At Blackstone, we are renowned for our attention to detail; we will go through everything with a fine-tooth comb to make sure it is right for you.

We have experience in helping businesses of all sizes and an extensive knowledge of partnership law. We will assist you with any relevant documentation so that you are in the best position to move forward and, ultimately, to meet your business objectives.

Our team will provide you with a partnership agreement that is detailed, well-drafted and with your best interests at its core.

Why Legal Help is Important

Setting up a partnership is an important step for any business. Seeking expert legal help is vital in ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that all bases are covered from a legal perspective. Failure to get things right first time could come back to haunt you at a later date, especially if the partnership encounters any difficulty.

A business partnership is defined as two or more people starting a business together in order to share the profits. It is imperative that the agreement between them regarding their partnership is recorded in a formal partnership agreement; if not, the provisions of UK law will apply and these provisions can have severe consequences.

Our Services

Blackstone Solicitors provides a range of services for those entering or already involved in a business partnership, including but not limited to:

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We have offices in Cheshire and London, serving people across the UK, including throughout the North West in areas such as Manchester and Chester.

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Our Team

The award winning team is well known for their tenacious approach to their client's cases. Our highly regarded team is passionate about your success. All team members are incredibly academic and continuously strive for more.