Right of Way Disputes

The team at Blackstone can help to deal with your right of way dispute by taking the appropriate action to settle the disagreement professionally and effectively. We understand that fallouts of this nature can be particularly difficult, given they tend to involve a neighbour or relate to a nearby property. This is why we will handle your case with care and sensitivity, all the while fighting your corner with the tenacity for which we are known.

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Examples of right of way disputes

Disputes of this nature can arise for many different reasons, and often come as a result of neighbours being unclear with regard to the extent of a right of way and how this affects them. Examples of disagreements related to this area of law include:

  • Failure to maintain a right of way
  • Excessive use of a right of way
  • Failure to repair a right of way

There are various rules and complications that can dictate a right of way case, which is why it is so important you opt to go with a law firm with the knowledge and experience to take the lead on the case and ensure you get the outcome you are hoping for.

One such complication is the benefit and burden of the right of way. For example, when there is proper definition of the right of way, those with the burden of the right of way are unable to alter the route if they do not have consent to do so from those who benefit from the right of way.

How we can help

At Blackstone, we place great emphasis on doing everything within out power to help our clients get the desired outcome. We’re prepared to pursue every avenue if it means the right result can be achieved. This is why we are the ideal choice when it comes to disputes concerning right of way and other related property issues.

We regularly help people in the Manchester, Cheshire, Chester and London areas, but can also assist people from across the rest of the UK and even further afield.

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