Shareholder Agreements

Our expert team is highly experienced in helping with the creation of bespoke shareholder agreements that meet the needs of all involved. We can provide pragmatic advice to ensure any such agreement correlates with your objectives and expectations, and has your best interests at its core.

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Our Approach

Renowned for our professionalism, close attention to detail and determination to get the very best for our clients, Blackstone is the ideal law firm for advising on shareholder agreements. We will help ensure everything in your agreement is correct and proper and achieves all that you want it to.

We are experienced in providing assistance with all manner of arrangements on behalf of shareholders and investors, and will help to ensure any agreement is correctly tailored in order to properly govern the important relationships between all shareholders and investors, and their relationships with the company itself.

Why Legal Help is Important

The details of a shareholder agreement are extremely important to all parties involved. Such agreements are legally binding arrangements that govern the relationships between shareholders. It is therefore highly recommended not only that shareholders put such an agreement in place, but that they do so with the help of an expert legal team to advise on best practice.

Shareholder agreements can serve many purposes, including:

  • Ensuring the responsibilities and authority of the directors are clear
  • Laying out the rules for different classes of shares
  • Ensuring the management of the company is properly set out
  • Describing how shares can be issued and transferred
  • Ensuring transparency between shareholders
  • Detailing what should happen if a shareholder wishes to exit
  • Clarifying the rules (what is and is not permitted)

Importantly, a shareholder agreement can play a key role in making sure any potential conflict between shareholders is avoided.  This, in turn, helps to ensure the smooth running of a business and gives it the best opportunity to thrive. Seeking expert legal help is invaluable because it ensures the agreement is as fair and effective as possible.

Our Services

We can provide support to all parties involved in a shareholder agreement, ensuring their best interests are at the forefront of the negotiations. For example, we can help if you are:

  • An existing shareholder
  • An investor
  • Involved in a joint venture
  • Involved in a private equity transaction
  • Involved in a start-up business

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