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Property disputes come in many different forms and can be particularly complex and even unpleasant. At Blackstone Solicitors, we are committed to helping our clients in every way we can, and this includes finding the most effective resolution as quickly as possible. We have vast experience in this often complex area of law, and will go the extra mile to get the outcome you deserve.

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Different types of dispute

Property disputes can arise for any number of reasons, but listed below are some of the more common causes:

How we can assist

Our passionate and won’t-take-no-for-an-answer approach to commercial property disputes means we are able to settle disagreements swiftly and amicably, getting the desired outcome for our clients and ensuring the issue does not spiral out of control and cause more damage than it should.

We offer a wide range of services with regard to disputes over property, which include:

  • Dispute negotiation
  • Court hearing representation
  • The issuing and processing of legal documents
  • Mediation of cases, where appropriate

Our services are not only available to residents in Manchester, Cheshire and Chester, but also to people in London, throughout the UK and abroad.

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