Equestrian Property Sales

Blackstone Solicitors provides comprehensive legal advice on matters relating to equestrian property sales.

Understanding the Equestrian Property Market

The equestrian property market in England and Wales is diverse, catering to various needs and budgets. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Property Type: Equestrian properties range from competition yards with extensive facilities to smallholdings with basic amenities. Identify your target market based on the property’s features.
  • Location: Accessibility, proximity to competition venues, and local amenities all influence buyer interest and property value.
  • Land and Facilities: The amount of land, grazing availability, stables, arenas, and other amenities significantly impact the property’s value and appeal to potential buyers.

Preparing Your Equestrian Property for Sale

Before entering the market, take steps to enhance your property’s appeal:

  • Presentation: Ensure your property is well-maintained and showcases its potential. Consider landscaping, minor repairs, and decluttering to create a positive first impression.
  • Marketing Materials: High-quality photographs and videos showcasing the property’s features, land, and facilities are crucial for attracting potential buyers.
  • Highlight Unique Selling Points: Focus on the aspects that make your property stand out, such as competition-standard facilities, training opportunities, or idyllic rural surroundings.

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Our Approach

We place huge emphasis on getting things done properly and efficiently. This is especially true when providing legal advice on equestrian property sales.

Equine law is a specialised area of law that encompasses a wide range of legal issues relating to horses. It applies to all aspects of horse ownership, breeding, competition, and the equine industry as a whole. At Blackstone Solicitors, our team understands the unique challenges faced by horse owners, breeders, riders, and equine professionals across England and Wales.

“I am writing to express my sincere admiration for Cherry Kham’s professionalism and capabilities during our dealings. Despite encountering setbacks from previous buyers, I found the experience of working with her to be remarkably smooth and engaging.
Cherry’s temperament, patience, and extensive knowledge in the field are truly commendable. Her ability to maintain a sense of trust in both your firm and her own abilities, despite the challenges, is a testament to her dedication and professionalism.
It is my firm belief that Cherry has a bright future ahead of her in this field. Her combination of the right temperament, patience, and knowledge positions her well for continued success and growth.
I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Cherry and would like to extend my sincere appreciation for her contributions. I have no doubt that she will continue to excel in her career.”

Vano Dentoshvili

Why Legal Help is Important

Several legal aspects require careful attention throughout the sales process:

  • Title Deeds: Ensure your title deeds are readily available and that there are no outstanding burdens or restrictions on the property.
  • Planning Permissions: Verify that all necessary planning permissions are in place for any existing buildings or structures on the property.
  • Environmental Compliance: Address any potential environmental concerns, such as asbestos surveys or waste disposal requirements.
  • Rights of Way and Access: Be transparent about any existing rights of way or access restrictions that may affect the property.

Blackstone Solicitors’ experienced property law team can conduct thorough legal checks, ensuring a smooth and compliant sales process.

The Role of a Solicitor in Equestrian Property Sales

A specialist solicitor experienced in equestrian property sales can provide invaluable support throughout the transaction:

  • Drafting and Reviewing Sale Agreements: Our team can draft a comprehensive sale agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the sale, including the purchase price, completion date, inclusions and exclusions, and any specific equestrian-related considerations.
  • Disclosures and Completion Process Management: Our team will handle the legal aspects of disclosures to potential buyers, searches, and ensuring a smooth completion process.

Additional Considerations for Sellers of Equestrian Properties

  • Marketing Timeline: Allow sufficient time for marketing, especially for higher-end properties. Consider seasonal factors that may impact buyer interest.
  • Realistic Valuations: Overinflated valuations can deter buyers. Seek professional advice to determine a realistic market value for your property.
  • Finding the Right Buyer: While a quick sale is attractive, consider the long-term well-being of your property and horses. Matching your property with a buyer who shares your equestrian values can be beneficial.

Why Choose Blackstone Solicitors

While a handshake agreement might have sufficed in the past, the equine industry today demands a more formalised approach. Equine law is a specialised area that deals with a wide range of legal issues specific to horses. At Blackstone Solicitors, our team in England and Wales understands the unique challenges faced by horse owners, breeders, riders, and equine professionals.

At Blackstone, we can help to give you the very best chance of achieving the outcome you are looking for. Equine law can often be complex, and it is therefore imperative that you seek expert legal help to ensure any contract you sign, is suitable and correct.

Our Services

We provide various services for horse owners and those involved in the equine industry including advising on commercial agreements and making sure everything is completed thoroughly and without error and is in your best interests.

We can also advise on the following areas:

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