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Legal insight from Commercial Property Partner, Michelle Rothburn on Land Transactions and the legal costs involved.


Blackstone Solicitors are highly experienced in all types of land transactions, whether buying land for development, or buying land to use as part of your garden; we are here to help.  For a free initial discussion call us today on 0161 9290121  or complete our online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can email us on If you have already received a quote please feel free to send us any details so we can give you an accurate and competitive quote.

What are the costs?

Yours costs for the acquisition will be dependent on a number of factors.  If you are buying the land to develop for residential purposes, then the time and work involved is more detailed than buying a piece of land from your neighbour to use as part of your garden.  You may require a contract that is conditional upon planning consent and other factors specific to the development.

In all cases, and in addition to search fees, you will have to pay for other disbursements, including SDLT (depending upon the actual value of the land) and the Land Registry fees to register your purchase at the Land Registry.

What searches will you need?

If you are buying land to develop, then not only will we undertake all usual the searches, namely drainage, environmental and chancel but we will also carry out specific searches where you are buying in certain areas, for example; if you are buying in Cheshire, then a Cheshire Brine Search is required and, if in Cornwall, a tin mining search will be required.  In addition, we will carry out more detailed development searches, for example, to ascertain what utilities there are on or in the vicinity of the land and arising out of these searches, we will inform you whether any further professional advice will be needed, for example, if there are any nearby streams and rivers and whether any flood migration or other works will be required.

How will the transaction proceed?

We will raise pertinent enquiries of your seller and specific enquiries dependent upon the actual purpose for which you are buying the land and arising out of our title investigations.  Additionally, we will carry out a detailed investigation of the title to the land that you are acquiring.  As a result of our title investigation, we will be in a position to consider if any rights need to be granted to enable you to use the land for your intended purpose, for example, rights of way and rights for services.

Can we tailor the transaction to your needs?

If the title to the land is subject to covenants that will restrict your proposed development or ultimate end user, then we will take steps on your behalf to negotiate a variation of these covenants or a release of such covenants.  If these cannot be varied or released, or if there are any defects in the title to the land, then we will advise you on appropriate indemnity insurance and seek to obtain this on your behalf.

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