Reasons for making a Will or changing your Will


Reasons for making a Will or changing your Will

This information is for general guidance and is intended to highlight a number of issues which can mean that you should make a Will if you have never made one previously or prompt you to update your existing Will.  It is generally recommended that a Will should be reviewed at least every five years.

There are a number of circumstances which mean that you should review your Will or make one. Examples are if any of the following events occur:

  • You intend to marry. This will cancel any existing Will which you may have and if you died the rules of intestacy would apply which may mean that your estate does not pass to the people who you would wish to benefit.
  • You or those named in your Will move home (it is not always necessary to change the Will but the new address details should be kept with your Will).
  • The sale or purchase of any property whether it is your home or land or whether it is an investment or personal property which is specifically referred to in your Will.
  • The sale or purchase of any property.
  • If your circumstances change and you are going to live or work abroad.
  • You purchase foreign property. You would need to consider making a foreign Will.
  • An executor or guardian becomes unsuitable for some reason for example because of ill health, their age, mental incapacity or retirement (in the case of a professional executor).
  • If there were a dispute amongst the executors who you have appointed. Would you be confident that they could still work together?
  • Change of name. Whether this is you or someone you have mentioned in your Will.
  • Starting a business, entering a partnership or forming a company.
  • If you decide that you wish to leave further legacies, whether to individuals or to charities.

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