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The sanctions team at Blackstone Solicitors is here to help Iranian citizens or those with an Iranian background who face difficulties with their bank accounts, assets and investments while residing in the UK. If you have experienced bank account closure, struggled to open a bank account or had difficulty moving your money between accounts, our dedicated team of lawyers can help.

If you have difficulty with your banking, get in contact with us on 020 3019 8884 or 0161 929 0121. If you cannot get to a phone, click here to make a free enquiry and we will call you back.

“I had a problem with a bank account closure and received legal help and support from Blackstone Solicitors. They sorted out the problem. I recommend Blackstone Solicitors for anyone whose bank account is closed or have received discriminatory treatment for being Iranian. They have been immensely successful in such cases.”

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Iran Sanctions

There is a long history of unilateral sanctions on Iran that stretch back to 1979. Despite sanctions being lifted by the UK and the European Union in January 2016, some Iranian citizens in the UK still have difficulties with ordinary financial matters. Often, once an Iranian citizen has earned the right to live in the UK, they encounter issues when opening a bank account, and transferring funds from Iran into their accounts. Sometimes, these individuals face extensive questioning by the banks as well as account closures, and even more complicated issues such as being listed on the CIFAS database.

US sanctions against Iran remain in place and it is often these that cause banks to avoid doing business with Iran or Iranian citizens. Banks, businesses and individuals with minimal connections with the US could be severely prosecuted by Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the US Department of Justice (DOJ). Generally, OFAC and DOJ look to prosecute if any transaction involves anything tied to the US; for instance if it involves US citizens or if transactions are made in US Dollars.

To avoid the risk of prosecution and having to pay millions in fines for violating US-led sanctions, British-based banks have made a risk management decision to avoid any transactions related to Iran. This is despite the transactions being legal in the UK and not connected in any way with the US. This policy has led to tremendous difficulty for Iranian citizens in the UK, with some unable to access their money or freely move their funds between accounts and some being incorrectly listed on the CIFAS database.

One of our guiding principles at Blackstone is to provide a personalised service to each and every one of our clients. We are committed to helping Iranians and Britons of Iranian descent who have had their lives affected by Iran banking sanctions.

Our approach

Our Sanctions Team is committed to putting you first and fighting to achieve the right result for you. Our Sanctions Team was established specifically to help Iranians and British citizens with Iranian ties and companies with connections to Iran.

We understand how difficult it can be to encounter issues related to your finances. We know how personal this is. We understand the need to work quickly and efficiently when it comes to your finances, and also the need for discretion.

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