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Blackstone Solicitors can provide expert legal services to any company with connections to Iran, Iranians living in the UK or to any British citizen with an Iranian background who has suffered due to sanctions placed on Iran. In the past, we have, for example, assisted with money authorisation requests to HM Treasury. Currently, we assist with matters of trade with Iran, as well as UK investments by Iranians.

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About sanctions on Iran

There is a long history of sanctions being placed on Iran. In 1979 the United States imposed economic sanctions against the country following the Iranian Revolution, before expanding them in 1995 to include any companies dealing with the Iranian government. Resolution 1696 was then passed by the United Nations Security Council in 2006 as a consequence of Iran failing to suspend its uranium enrichment programme.

The complex nature of the sanctions have meant that some ordinary citizens have been punished, with many Iranian nationals living in the UK having particular difficulty when trying to settle in the UK, such as when opening a bank account.

All nuclear-related sanctions that the UN and the European Union imposed on Iran were lifted in January 2016 following the agreement of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in July 2015. This was signed after the announcement that Iran had complied fully with the terms of the nuclear accord; however, since this date many innocent Iranians have still been punished in the form of bank closures and trade with Iran has been progressing slowly due to lack of SWIFT access for Iranian banks.

At Blackstone, we provide a personal service to help all Iranians in the UK and Britons of Iranian descent who have been affected by any consequences of Iran trade sanctions.

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We always place the client first and our significant experience in this specialist area of law means we are best equipped to help you and your family. We have assisted many people going through similar difficulties and can do the same for you.

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