Plot Sales

There are various legal factors that have to be considered when it comes to Plot Sales. It is therefore advisable to make sure you have an experienced law firm on your side to ensure that you are covered in every area. At Blackstone Solicitors, we are able to advise many different types of client, no matter the complexity of the circumstances surrounding the sale of units on your development.

For more information about how our team of commercial property solicitors can help you with your plot sales, contact us on 0345 901 0445 or complete our online enquiry form and a member of the team will call you back at a convenient time.

How we can help

We have extensive experience in plot sales for developments of all sizes and types including PRS schemes.

We understand the importance of keeping to deadlines and pushing sales through, overcoming any hurdles as they are encountered. In terms of cash flow, plot sales are the lifeblood of a development and can minimise your financial obligations to a lender.

Friendly yet direct, our team is passionate about every case we take on, and we believe the entire process requires constant communication. We will, therefore, guide you through the technicalities involved, offering expert advice from start to finish.

Why legal help is important

Our expertise includes:

  • Development planning
  • Mixed use schemes.
  • Establishing management companies for common areas.
  • Shared ownership and Help to Buy.
  • Pre sale preparation to ensure everything is in place for when sales begin.
  • Analysis of estate plans and land registry compliance
  • s106 and utility agreements

Our Services

Our team prides itself on being able to meet every need of each of our clients. We are willing to go the extra mile when other firms are not, ensuring our clients are given the very best opportunity of getting the outcome they are after. Get in touch to see how our specialist team can help you today.

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The award winning team is well known for their tenacious approach to their client's cases. Our highly regarded team is passionate about your success. All team members are incredibly academic and continuously strive for more.