Do I need a Will if I am married?


If you’re married and wondering whether you need a Will, for your assets to be inherited by your spouse, loved ones, relatives or children, then call us now to discuss your circumstances and wishes.

The last thing people want to think about on their wedding day or during their marriage is what will happen to their money and assets upon passing away.

For those who believe their estate will simply pass to their surviving spouse if they do nothing, they may be in for a surprise. This is especially the case where children are involved, or if you’ve remarried.

When there’s no Will, a strict set of ‘Intestacy’ rules must be followed, which means that your money and property, called your ‘estate’, may not end up with the people you’d expect it to go to.

The only certain way of ensuring all your loved ones are provided for, is to write a Will.

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Importance of a Will

Ideally, both married and unmarried couples should create a Will. For married couples, certain incentives mean that you pay less inheritance tax, while for unmarried couples, the uncertain status of your partner means you need to specifically name them in a Will, or they might not receive anything.

When you die without a Will (intestate), the rules of intestacy come into force. If you’re married or in a civil partnership and you have no children, your spouse will receive everything.

Three out of four estates are dealt with in accordance with intestacy laws, which take no account of the individual’s wishes.  If that’s not how you’d choose to divide your estate between your spouse, children and loved ones, then talk to our experienced solicitors who can draw up or update your Will with specific arrangements.

Having a Will is vital to ensure that the property and assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate, pass to certain individuals and they are looked after. We can make sure that your wishes are followed.

Your Will must be carefully drafted to ensure accuracy as even the smallest mistakes in writing, signing or the ‘execution’ of a Will can render it invalid. This makes it particularly important to have your Will drafted by a qualified professional.

How we can help

Using our experienced Will specialists and their wealth of knowledge, we are able to offer expert advice on all the options for drafting your Will based on your specific requirements.

We are able to explain clearly the legal issues and provide open, honest and professional advice.

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