Negotiating And Agreeing Licences For Alteration

Negotiating And Agreeing Licences For Alteration

If you are a tenant in a commercial property and intend to make changes to the property, your lease may require you to acquire your landlord’s agreement before beginning any work. Frequently, landlords impose restrictions on the alterations or enhancements that a tenant may make over the length of the lease. If your lease requires your landlord’s authorisation for alterations, it is customary for landlords to document their approval in the form of a written licence for alterations.

Negotiating a licence for alteration can not only be stressful, but highly disruptive. Whether you are an individual, entrepreneur, company or partnership, the process of dealing with a variation to the agreed terms of a commercial lease can be complex and time consuming. This is why it is important you are able to speak to legal experts who can provide all the guidance you need to emerge from a negotiation with the result you are after.

The team at Blackstone is highly experienced in dealing with all forms of contract law and we always work very closely with our clients to ensure we fully understand the issues faced by them or their business. By working together, we can ensure we devise a pragmatic solution that meets your commercial objectives.

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A Licence for Alterations is critical for the tenant for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to ensure they adhere to the conditions of their lease (so to avoid breaching the lease and facing enforcement action). If a Licence for Alterations is not granted prior to the tenant carrying out the work and the tenant seeks it retrospectively, the landlord gains a significant advantage in terms of negotiating power and the demands they can make for the Licence to be granted, so its importance should not be overlooked. Finally, a tenant attempting to assign a lease that has been subject to unauthorised modifications may have difficulty finding prospective purchasers.

Licence for Alterations is critical for landlords to guarantee that all work performed on their property is appropriately recorded. It is not uncommon for leases to include a reinstatement provision, which requires the tenant to restore the property to its pre-lease condition, which may include the removal of any fittings added during the tenant’s tenancy. While these services are normally provided at the tenant’s expense, it is critical for the landlord to have a complete grasp of what needs to be removed.

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