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When it comes to infrastructure or international projects our clients often reach for the FIDIC suite of books, written and published by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers.

It was started in 1913 by France, Belgium and Switzerland. The United Kingdom joined the Federation in 1949. FIDIC is headquartered in Switzerland and now boasts of membership from over 60 different countries.

Over the years, FIDIC has become famous for producing standard form contracts for the construction and engineering industry.

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Subcontracting is a well-established practice within the construction industry. It is an important and effective means of involving small and medium-sized business in construction works.

FIDIC recently released new guidelines on Conditions of Subcontract for Construction for use with the 2017 editions of the FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver Books. The FIDIC forms of contract are perhaps the most widely used forms for construction and engineering works but, like all standard forms, they need to be adapted to the needs of the parties and the particular specifications of the project.

It can be a complex area of law as there are many key terms of the subcontract that focus on flow down, risk and liability, payment, claims, termination and dispute resolution.

Care needs to be taken when disputes arise as a contractor may find that a claim is time-barred if it does not follow the specific contractual requirements.

Dispute Resolution

FIDIC contracts adopt a multi-tier dispute resolution process. The emphasis in recent years has been on the amicable settlement of disputes. The process usually provides as a first step, for disputes to be submitted for judgment before an Engineer or a Dispute Board. If the parties are not able to settle the dispute during the ‘amicable settlement’ period, the final stage is to proceed to arbitration.

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