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Our specialist team of construction law solicitors have extensive experience advising on the complexities of termination of contracts in the construction industry. Normally, construction contracts will outline the grounds upon which either party may terminate and the steps that ought to be taken to achieve lawful termination. More specifically, most standard form construction contracts make provisions that allow for termination upon the occurrence of specified breaches of the contract.

There are a number of reasons why one or both parties to a contract may seek to terminate the contract. Terminating a contract can be complex, and it is very important that the correct procedures are followed. This may involve issuing notices setting out the grounds for termination, allowing warning periods, and giving the opportunity to remedy breaches.

Our solicitors have an in depth understanding of a wide range of business sectors and the challenges they face including termination of contracts. We recognise the risks and challenges that are confronted in the construction industry and our dedicated construction and engineering team provides cost-effective and tailored legal solutions.

“I have used the team at Blackstone on several occasions and have the utmost regard for them. They have completed work for my business and have always produced more than satisfactory results. On a personal level I have used the Conveyancing department for several commercial and residential property deals and had my Wills and financial matters taken care of in a timely and professional manner. I can highly recommend the team at Blackstone.”

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Construction Law Matters

The construction and engineering sectors are fast paced at times and there’s often uncertainty involved in various areas of work. High quality advice from an expert construction lawyer can play a key role. Whether you are dealing with construction documentation, procurement questions or a dispute, then a commercially focussed approach will save you time and money.

Construction law covers all aspects of the built environment, from infrastructure to commercial and residential buildings, offices, retail and manufacturing facilities. Every building and engineering project carries its own inherent challenges and risks, with little room for error. By adopting a collaborative approach, we can clearly identify goals and plan meticulously for most eventualities.

Our specialist lawyers are able to work with a wide range of clients within the construction and engineering sector including commercial and residential occupiers, contractors, sub-contractors, logistics companies, not-for-profit organisations, local authorities, developers, funding institutions, consultants and other construction professionals.

We are able to offer practical, commercial and industry focused advice on both non-contentious and contentious matters.

The services we can provide include, but not limited to:

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Our aim is to resolve matters as swiftly as possible and our construction and engineering team can provide you with expert support. Whether you want general advice or strong action, we have the knowledge and experience to help you in the most effective way.

We have been involved in a wide range of construction and engineering matters, many of which have involved niche and unusual points of law.

We are able to explain clearly the legal issues and provide open, honest and professional advice, plus a range of funding options.

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