Selling Companies And Businesses

Selling Companies And Businesses

Blackstone Solicitors offers expert advice and guidance to individuals and companies regarding the sale of companies and businesses. We know the importance of such decisions and are here to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.
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Our Approach

At Blackstone, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and our ability to get things done. This transfers to how we assist businesses with any plans for company sales and we will act efficiently and passionately to ensure everything is resolved properly.

We are highly experienced in helping companies of all sizes and various business owners to make the right decisions. We are careful and fastidious in our work and will tick all boxes to make sure all agreements and paperwork are completed correctly.

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Why Legal Help is Important

Whether you are purchasing, selling, restructuring or making any other major decisions regarding the future of your company or business, it is important to seek help from experts who are experienced in this particularly complex area of law. The right legal team will identify any risks involved in a transaction and inform you of the right direction to take in order to best protect your interests.

The team at Blackstone is greatly experienced in all aspects of corporate transactions and has a deep understanding of the processes involved and how they will affect you and your company or business. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when looking to sell. Accounting for the state of the business, growth prospects and when you want to retire or move onto your next project, timing the sale is key. As a business owner, you should have been preparing for the sale of your business almost from its inception. This will help you to be prepared when the time for the sale appears.

In an ideal scenario, the sale of the business would be a straightforward financial transaction. However, this rarely happens. Accepting a portion of the sale price in instalments – called ‘earnouts’ or ‘seller finance’ – might get the deal over the line and even encourage the buyer to raise their offer. You could also offer to stay on in a consultative capacity for a specific period beyond the sale.

The method used to value the business is of critical importance and more often than not they are valued by a multiple of profit. Asset-based valuations, meanwhile, subtract the value of the business’s liabilities from its assets, while entry valuations ascertain what it would cost to build the business from scratch. Discounted cash flow discounts the value of cash flows over time to reflect risk.

Sometimes, the valuation figure includes elements of several methods.  Few sellers undervalue their business and many overvalue them, and the key to ascertaining a true market value is by use of an independent expert valuer.

Preparation is everything. You should try and provide documents and information promptly when requested, as delays could give the buyer cold feet. Before the buyer starts the process of due diligence, you should go through all your records and your finances to make sure that there aren’t any issues that could be off-putting to a buyer.

Our Services

We can assist with any aspect of business purchase and sales, including, but not limited to:

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