Blackstone Solicitors: Successful Defence with costs awarded

What Happened: Blackstone Solicitors were instructed on behalf of two individuals who had designed and built a property to a high specification. Part of the specification was an expensive home automation system which controlled tasks around the home such as cinema screen, lighting controls, music and curtains. The system was supposed to be a high specification system however, upon installation, problems arose. This unfortunately led to a dispute between the installer and our client and non-payment of fees for unsatisfactory works.

Damages: After a number of months of trying to deal with the dispute themselves, the installer issued proceedings for a sum in excess of £140,000.

What Blackstone Did: The Defendant came to Blackstone Solicitors to deal with the claim and a defence and counterclaim were issued.

Outcome: Despite a number of tactical without prejudice offers, the matter proceeded to trial where we were successful in defending the claim on behalf of our clients who were also successful in their counterclaim and set off. Due to the offers put forward historically and the result generally, the Judge also awarded our clients 90% of their budgeted costs by way of interim payment.

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