Cohabitation Agreements

If you are moving in with someone or are allowing somebody else to move in with you, it is important you take the right legal steps to make sure your best interests are safeguarded. A Cohabitation Agreement (or Living Together Agreement) can offer you legal protection should you separate in the future.  It can also deal with your arrangements whilst you are living together.  The family law team at Blackstone can provide expert legal guidance to make sure the details in such an agreement are in your best interests.

These agreements can vary in complexity depending on your particular circumstances.  It is therefore important you have the right legal assistance to make sure your agreement is appropriate for your particular circumstances.

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Our Approach

We are renowned for our thorough approach to all matters.  We want to make sure that a Cohabitation Agreement works in your best interests.  We will provide the expert guidance you need to ensure this happens.

About Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation Agreements can prove invaluable whilst you are living together and in the event of your separation. Nobody knows what the future might bring and while it may not be pleasant to think about your relationship not lasting, doing so and having a Cohabitation Agreement as a consequence can prove very beneficial in the long term.

The content of your Cohabitation Agreement will be dependent on your own particular circumstances.  

What a Cohabitation Agreement Can Cover

A Cohabitation Agreement can cover many different elements and can be as detailed as your circumstances.  A typical Cohabitation Agreement may cover some or all of the following matters both during and at the conclusion of your relationship:

  • Occupation of or your interests in your home
  • Your contribution to household bills and rent/mortgage payments
  • How capital assets are dealt with
  • What happens to any joint bank accounts
  • What happens to expensive items, such as cars, that you may have bought together
  • Sorting any life insurance taken out on each other

The Importance of Expert Legal Advice

Expert legal advice is imperative to make sure your Cohabitation Agreement deals with all relevant issues and protects your best interests.  With access to an expert legal team you can benefit from:

  • Legal advice on the implications of a Cohabitation Agreement
  • Drafting the Cohabitation Agreement
  • Advice on the terms of an agreement drafted by your partner’s lawyer

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