Blackstone launches new Iran Desk


Blackstone launches new Iran Desk

Blackstone Solicitors has announced the launch of its new Iran Desk, which aims to assist Iranians living in the UK and Iran, and British citizens with an Iranian background. The Iran Desk, which has been created following an upsurge in Iranian client numbers for Blackstone, will be headed by Rokhsareh Vahid, who is a Farsi speaker and was born in Iran.

Blackstone has close ties to the Iranian community and in 2014/15 it won a number of cases against high street banks over accusations of racial discrimination concerning British citizens with Iranian connections and Iranians living in the UK.

The establishment of the Iran Desk will help to ensure Blackstone becomes the trusted legal firm for all Iranians in the UK. The move will allow it to provide invaluable advice and support to Iranians in relation to business ventures in the UK, as well as to assist anyone from Iran looking to move to or work in the UK, and to provide representation to Iranians on a wide range of legal issues.

To best serve our clients and protect their interests, our firm has gone even further. We have obtained bank authorisations to receive funds from Iran. In this way, we have overcome the biggest obstacle to working with Iran i.e. banking.

Rokhsareh Vahid commented: “Blackstone Solicitors is well-regarded for vigorously representing the Iranian community. I practiced law similarly in the United States and I am delighted to join such a professional and passionate team of like-minded brilliant lawyers.”


Launching the Iran Desk marks another major expansion for Blackstone, which recently announced the opening of a new Mayfair office in London and recorded a 34% increase in turnover last year.  

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  1. […] to act on their behalf because of their bank account closures,” Rokhsareh Vahid, head of the Iran desk at Blackstone, told the Guardian. “In total we have more than 60 cases involving Iranians who have sued […]

  2. Nelo says:

    We have not had issues opening a bank account, but after a 25 year banking relationship with Lloyds group, they closed our accounts after a review citing no real reason. They closed my accounts, my fathers and my mothers. Coincidentally, we all happen to be Iranian 😮

  3. Terri says:

    Great line up. We will be linking to this great article
    on our website. Keep up the great writing.

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