How to Transfer Company Shares


How to Transfer Company Shares

Our specialist corporate solicitors work with shareholders, advising on all aspects of share transactions.

Shares in a company are a form of property and their ownership can be sold or transferred to other people.

The transfer of shares is quite common within UK companies and can be done by gift or sale to a new shareholder. Private limited companies do not tend to transfer shares so often, but various circumstances can lead to a share transfer.

Some common reasons for transferring include, gifting shares to family members, the retirement or death of a shareholder, recouping an investment, raising additional capital, or bringing in a new business partner.

There may be restrictions on transfers of shares and as such, the director must check the articles of association and any shareholder agreement before allowing a transfer to commence.

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Transferring Company Shares

A share transfer, or a stock transfer, allows you to shift the legal ownership of company shares to someone else.

All shareholders must be consulted before any action is taken regarding the sale or transfer of shares. There may be certain restrictions on this activity and our experts can help advise on the best course of action.

Your company or the board of directors if you have one, decides on whether to approve the transfer.

If you need to transfer shares from one limited company shareholder to another, you will need to complete a stock transfer form.

A comprehensive share transfer agreement can be prepared whilst due diligence is taking place.

One of the most common reasons for transferring shares is tax efficiency. Transferring shares to a spouse or child is also something to consider as it can be advantageous in terms of tax implications.

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