Acquisitions and Disposals of Businesses and Assets

Business sales and purchases can involve companies of any size. Regardless of the nature of the transaction, it is crucial that the deal is structured appropriately, taking into consideration a range of factors.

Our experts can deal with all types of acquisitions and disposals involving both public and private, businesses and assets with unlimited liability.

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Our corporate team possess all the relevant expertise needed to complete the transaction on time and can support you through:

  • initial structuring of the deal
  • conducting the due diligence and disclosure process
  • drafting and negotiating the terms of the deal
  • dealing with post-completion matters.

If you are considering the acquisition, disposal or merger of a business, we advise that you instruct solicitors at an early stage to help avoid difficulties and unnecessary costs later in the process.

Acquisitions and Disposals

One of the fundamental issues to consider from the outset is whether the disposal or purchase should be of assets or shares of the company being sold or bought.


One option is to buy shares of the company that owns the business, however, the company still owns all the assets and liabilities which make up the business. In this case the company owns the business both before and after you acquire some or all of the shares issued by that company.


The other option is to identify and buy specific assets and perhaps take on specific liabilities which together make up the business you want to acquire. In this case a different legal entity, perhaps a company set up by you, will become the new owner of the assets and liabilities which make up the business.

The key legal difference is that in buying shares in a company, the value of your shares can be adversely affected by any liability of the company whether or not you are aware of that liability when you buy the shares.

Our corporate lawyers have advised on deals of all sizes including management buyouts and buy-ins. We ensure that the same high level of care, professionalism, and attention to detail is provided at all times. We regularly act for both buyers and sellers, which puts us in a position to understand the dynamics of a deal.

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We understand that corporate transactions can be stressful. Using our experience and wealth of knowledge, we are able to offer expert advice on all acquisitions and disposals.

We are committed to providing you with a first-class service and helping guide you through the process.

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