Landmark Legal Case for Japanese Knotweed


A homeowner has recently been ordered by the Court to pay the costs of removing Japanese Knotweed growing from her garden into her neighbour’s land, after the neighbour claimed the weed had decreased the value of her home. The Royal Chartered Institute of Surveyors advises that knotweed be removed by an expert, as it is exceptionally difficult to completely eradicate unless professionally treated. The costs of doing so can be prohibitive, however, and additional complications can arise if the problem stems from a neighbouring property.

Senior Litigation Solicitor, Lisa Rivers comments “We would generally suggest trying to find an amicable solution with your neighbour before matters such as these escalate. However in certain cases, that simply is not possible and it may then be necessary to involve a solicitor, whether that be seeking a Court order, obtaining compensation for the loss in value of your home or defending any action being threatened against you.”

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