Technology Integration Dispute Success


Technology Integration Dispute victory for our client in counterclaim with significant damages awarded and 85% of costs recovered.

What happened?

A claim was brought against our clients concerning work undertaken for the supply and installation of integrated technology systems at our client’s home.  The claim was for alleged unpaid invoices of £112,477.18.  Our client made a counterclaim in respect of the quality of work carried out, payment of VAT and issues with the invoices.

What did Blackstone do?

We acted on behalf of our clients from the start of the legal process, namely from pre-action correspondence to the end of the trial.   We gathered evidence to support our client’s counterclaim, drafted the defence, counterclaim and witness statements and rigorously defended them throughout the proceedings.  An expert was also instructed to attend the trial.

What was the outcome?

Our client succeeded in their Defence and also recovered significant costs from the claimant based on their counterclaim against the claimant and recovered net damages in the sum of £16,640.59.  In addition, our clients were awarded around 85% of their costs.

This is now a reported case and judgment can be found here.

Litigation disputes

General litigation disputes can come in many forms. The team at Blackstone is able to help in any such instance, drawing upon our wealth of experience in these areas to provide the guidance you require.

Litigation disputes can include:

  • Professional negligence
  • Debt recovery
  • Partnership disputes
  • Contract claims
  • Contentious probate claims
  • Nuisance claims

However, it is important to note that any situation where you are in dispute with another party can give rise to litigation. This is why seeking legal help to ensure you approach disputes in the correct way is so essential – you need to give yourself the best chance of sorting out the matter as quickly and effectively as possible.

How we can help

With our positive and to-the-point approach, we always ensure all dealings are carried out correctly and promptly, meaning nothing is left to chance. We are proactive and direct, fighting your corner every step of the way to make sure everything runs as it should.

Blackstone is based in Manchester and we have an additional office in London.

Get in touch

Find out how you can benefit from our tenacious and forthright approach today by getting in touch with the team. Doing so is easy, simply give us a call on 0161 929 0121 or allow us to contact you by completing our online contact form.


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