Lease Transfers

Lease Transfers

Tenants of commercial premises who want to transfer or assign their lease, will have to obtain their landlords’ consent before any transfer can take place.

An assignment of a lease can only work if your landlord agrees with your intention to transfer the lease to someone else.

However, an assignment of a lease is not always permitted. In some cases, a landlord may refuse for various reasons or may not agree to have the property used in certain ways.

Lease transfers can often seem like a daunting proposition, but at Blackstone Solicitors we have the experience and know-how to make the process as stress-free and time-efficient as possible. We understand such transactions can appear complex, which is why our commercial conveyancing solicitors are here to guide you through the process.

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How we can help

Our team is well versed in dealing with all the various aspects of commercial conveyancing, and we are here to help in any way we can. For instance, our expertise can help you get the best outcome if:

  • You want to enter into a commercial mortgage
  • You wish to transfer interests in a commercial property
  • You want to draw up a lease agreement

The process

There are a number of instances where you might want to transfer a commercial lease. Often, this will be when you buy or sell a business that is operating from premises that are leased. There are also times when you will need to transfer the lease which are not related to the sale or purchase of the business.

If the lease does not contain any written restriction upon transfer or assignment, then you may be able to transfer it to a new tenant. In most cases, leases are transferrable with the consent of the landlord. However, some leases contain a prohibition on assignment or sub-letting, so it is important to review the relevant provisions carefully.

Laws relating to the assignment of business leases can sometimes be complex.

However, we are here to make the experience as hassle free as possible for our clients. We will do the hard work so that you don’t have to, and we will keep you constantly updated on everything as we go. Various important, yet complex tasks must be carried out as part of the assignment process, so it is important you have the right legal assistance to guide you through.

There are many issues involved in the commercial conveyancing process, and examples of some of those we can help with include:

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